2020 Vagabond Cruise

The polar yacht Vagabond has completed the 2020 high-Arctic cruise in support of the GO-Ice project.

(c) Eric Brossier

This was a challenging year for the Vagabond. Not only did the COVID-19 pandemic require substantially modifying cruise plans, but the weather was difficult this summer. The crew had to deal with high winds and large swell over most of the summer, requiring it take shelter in protected fjords to wait for weather windows to work in open waters. Despite the difficulties, the Vagabond and her crew, including collaborator Gabriel Joyal (CGQ), managed to conduct valuable baseline oceanographic sampling for collaborator Dr. Maya Bhatia (University of Alberta), bathymetric multibeam surveys for postdoc Dr. Andrew Hamilton (University of Alberta), and coralline algae samples for researcher Dr. Jochen Halfar (University of Toronto). Congratulations and thank you to the crew of the Vagabond, Eric, France, Leonie, and Aurore for all your hard work!

Check back soon for more images and data from the 2020 Vagabond Cruise!

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