2020 Vagabond Cruise

The polar yacht Vagabond has completed the 2020 high-Arctic cruise in support of the GO-Ice project. This was a challenging year for the Vagabond. Not only did the COVID-19 pandemic require substantially modifying cruise plans, but the weather was difficult this summer. The crew had to deal with high winds and large swell over mostContinue reading “2020 Vagabond Cruise”

2019 Field Work

Various researchers within the GO-Ice network conducted field research in 2019. Field sites included cruises on the polar yacht Vagabond and the CCGS Amundsen icebreaker, an expedition to the Milne Ice Shelf on NW Ellesmere Island, and glaciological research at Expedition Fiord on Axel Heiberg Island. Check out the image gallery below for photos fromContinue reading “2019 Field Work”