The GO-Ice research team consist of a network of academics from universities across Canada, working in partnership with various local, territorial, industrial and government partners.

Dr. Luke Copland

Project Lead

Dr. Luke Copland is a Professor at the University of Ottawa and holds the University Research Chair in Glaciology. He is Director of the Laboratory for Cryospheric Research ( investigating glacier dynamics, ice-ocean interactions and climatology across northern Canada . Dr. Copland is the overall lead of the GO-ICE project, focusing on measurements of glacier motion, iceberg tracking and remote sensing.


Dr. Christine Dow

Network Investigator

Dr. Christine Dow is an Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo and the Tier II Canada Research Chair in Glacier Hydrology and Ice Dynamics ( She leads the Waterloo Arctic/Antarctic Glaciology Laboratory and focuses on numerical modelling, geophysics, and field-based research of water flow under glaciers and ice sheets and ice/ocean interactions. Dr. Dow leads the hydrology modelling of tidewater glaciers using the Glacier Drainage System Model (GlaDS).


Dr. Paul Myers

Network Investigator

Dr. Paul Myers is Professor and Associate Chair Research in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta ( He is a physical oceanographer whose research focuses on the role of freshwater in the oceans, as well as links between the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans. He is leading the application of numerical ocean circulation models to investigate past, present, and future changes to ocean properties and circulation in the Canadian Arctic.


Dr. Derek Mueller

Network Investigator

Dr. Derek Mueller is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Carleton University and co-director of the Water and Ice Research Laboratory ( His research examines indicators and impacts of climate change in the cryosphere as well as the consequences of a warming climate (both atmospheric and oceanic) on cryospheric systems. He is leading the investigation of environmental change of Arctic ice shelves, sea ice and lake ice using microwave and optical remote sensing, as well as tracking the drift and deterioration of large icebergs.


Dr. Laura Thomson

Network Investigator

Dr. Laura Thomson is an Assistant Professor at Queen’s University interested in the active monitoring and prediction of northern landscape evolution using geospatial, geophysical and climate-coupled modelling techniques. She leads the investigations of glacier change at the Expedition Fiord field site on Axel Heiberg Island, NU, including the long-term (>50 year) glacier monitoring program at White Glacier.


Dr. Wesley Van Wychen

Network Investigator

Dr. Wesley van Wychen is an Assistant Professor at the University of Waterloo whose research utilizes satellite remote sensing and field data to observe variability in glaciers and glacier motion. His work mainly utilizes Synthetic Aperture RADAR (SAR) data to create regional scale monitoring of ice masses in Canada. He is leading the monitoring of glacier velocities across the CAA, and is leading the organizing and management of polar data produced by the GO-ICE project.


Highly Qualified Personnel


Dr. Andrew Hamilton ( is a post-doc at the University of Alberta (supervisors: Dr. Myers & Dr. Copland) who leads the oceanographic field measurement program, coordinates the community- and Rangers-based ocean monitoring program and training, and collaborates on the regional NEMO ocean modelling work.

Dr. Eleanor Bash, University of Waterloo/Calgary, Post-doc (supervisor: Dr. Dow),


PhD Students

Danielle Hallé, University of Waterloo (supervisor: Dr. Van Wychen)

Abigail Dalton, University of Ottawa (supervisors: Dr. Copland & Dr. Van Wychen)

William Kochtitzky, University of Ottawa (supervisor: Dr. Copland)

Dorota Medrzycka, University of Ottawa (supervisor: Dr. Copland)

Brittany Main, University of Ottawa (supervisor: Dr. Copland)

Elodie Bracquart, Université du Québec à Rimouski (supervisors: Dr. Montero Serrano, Dr. Lajeunesse & Dr. Copland)

Maddie Myers, Queen’s University (supervisor: Dr. Thomson)

Wai Yin Cheung, Queen’s University (supervisor: Dr. Thomson)

Jérémie Bonneau, Carleton University (supervisor: Dr. Mueller)

Laura Gillard, University of Alberta (supervisor: Dr. Myers)

Yulia Antropova, Carleton University (supervisor: Dr. Mueller)


MSc Students

Adam Garbo, University of Ottawa (supervisors: Dr. Copland & Dr. Mueller)

Erik Wagenaar, Carleton University (supervisor: Dr. Mueller)

Benoit Lauzon, University of Ottawa (supervisor: Dr. Copland)

Ran Tao, University of Alberta (supervisor: Dr. Myers)

Lauren Samo, University of Waterloo (supervisor: Dr. Van Wychen)

Natalija Nikolic, University of Waterloo (supervisor: Dr. Van Wychen)

Michael Willette, University of Waterloo (supervisor: Dr. Dow)

Timothy Hill, University of Waterloo (supervisor: Dr. Dow). Completed 2021

Liam Buchart, University of Alberta (supervisor: Dr. Myers). Completed 2021

Jeremiah Lee, Queen’s University (supervisor: Dr. Thomson). Completed 2021

Evan Koncewicz, Queen’s University, MSc student (supervisor: Dr. Thomson). Completed 2021

Braden Smeda, University of Ottawa (supervisors: Dr. Copland & Dr. Thomson). Completed 2020

Dana Stephenson, Queen’s University (supervisors: Dr. Thomson & Dr. Copland). Completed 2020

Jesse Smith, Carleton University (supervisor: Dr. Mueller). Completed 2020

Claire Bernard-Grand’Maison, University of Ottawa (supervisors: Dr. Copland & Dr. Burgess). Completed 2019.


Bachelor’s students

Cameron Fitzpatrick, Carleton University (supervisor: Dr. Mueller)

Courtney Bayer, University of Waterloo (supervisor: Dr. Van Wychen)

Adriana Caswell, Carleton University (supervisor: Dr. Mueller)

Taji Hamilton, Carleton University (supervisor: Dr. Mueller)

Allison Plourde, Carleton University (supervisor: Dr. Mueller). Completed 2021


Field Researchers

Manasie Kaunak, Grise Fiord, guide and research assistant


Northern Partners

Meeka Kigutak, Mayor, and the Hamlet of Grise Fiord

Amon Akeeagok, Manager, Iviq Hunters and Trappers Organization, Grise Fiord

Terry Noah, Owner/Outfitter, Ausuittuq Adventures, Grise Fiord

Jimmy Qaapik, Grise Fiord

1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group, Canadian Army

SIKU & The Arctic Eider Society

Stephanie Meakin, Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC)


Government Partners

International Ice Patrol, Canadian Ice Service, Geological Survey of Canada, National Research Council of Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Transport Canada, Canadian Hydrographic Service, Polar Continental Shelf Project


Academic Partners

Dr. Maya Bhatia, University of Alberta

Dr. Eric Oliver, Dalhousie University

Dr. Jackie Dawson, University of Ottawa

Dr. Bernard Laval, University of British Columbia

Dr. Rocky Taylor, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Dr. Ian Turnbull, C-CORE

Dr. Gregory Crocker, Carleton University

Gabriel Joyal, Centre de Geomatique du Quebec (CGQ)

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