Glacier-Ocean-Iceberg Dynamics in a Changing Canadian Arctic

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GO-ICE: Glacier-Ocean-Iceberg Dynamics in a Changing Canadian Arctic is a collaborative project funded by ArcticNet, a Network of Centres of Excellence Canada, to investigate the state of glaciers and oceans in the Canadian High Arctic. We are monitoring changes in glacier mass balance and ocean circulation to better understand the atmospheric and oceanic drivers of glacier change, and the impact of meltwater and a warming Arctic on ocean circulation. We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers utilizing an array of methodologies to address these questions, using data from fieldwork, satellite remote sensing, numerical modelling, and partnerships with northern communities.

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(c) Andrew K. Hamilton

(c) Andrew K. Hamilton

(c) Andrew K. Hamilton

About GO-Ice

GO-Ice is a network of researchers studying the changing dynamics of glaciers, oceans, and icebergs in the Canadian Arctic.

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Dr. Luke Copland

University of Ottawa

Email: luke.copland@uottawa.ca